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Souvenir Jewelry | Rings

Souvenir Jewelry | Rings

$ 70.00

To order a specific piece, please use the Style drop down menu to specify what style necklace you’d like by using the photos for reference, and if your desired piece happens to be rings or earrings, please use our navigation bar to select other Souvenir Jewelry products by following our corresponding selections under the same Jewelry Collection!



*When in the ring section of Souvenir Jewelry’s separate listing, please be sure to select the size from the additional drop down menu!





Souvenir Jewelry is a well-established brand in hand-made jewelery, with a simply gorgeous storefront located in Philadelphia, PA. Each stunning piece is hand crafted from an inkling of an idea to the finished product, completed and ready to ship to their loyal clients and customers right there within the SJ store’s jewelry workshop located in the back area, charmingly available for all customers to see even a moment’s glimpse to witness the true magic, inspired process, and creative brainstorming which goes into these beautiful pieces, each made by hand with zero inconsistencies in quality and also quantity. Schafmayer & Co is the only location you can find Souvenir Jewelry’s work since we had opened our doors nearly 6 years ago.

*Obviously as we here at the shop are not jewelers, but a collective retail space for independent brands and artists we work with, meaning we have limited quantities and sizes, however we always will gladly take special requests via phone and keep in touch as your piece is being made to order, as communication with our customers is extremely important to us not only as a business policy but because we truly care about your questions and concerns! Everything listed online is available to ship immediately as well as available for purchase in-store, which means if one of these pieces sells in-store we must remove the inventory from our webstore. So don’t miss out on your favorite pieces before they sell out!

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