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Returns & Refunds

As most brands have a very concise refund and return policies, we will follow suit. However, we value the input and feedback of our customers greatly and consider it a great opportunity to improve on our shortcomings as a business not only out of a brick & mortar but online as well. So along with our simplified Return & Refund policy to follow, we would like to continuously add stipulations to our method for each sale of the plethora of different products we sell online, as we take pride in the quality of the merchandise we carry and admire the hard work that is put into each piece, all of this rigor and thoroughness is in hopes to float our clients & customers some leeway as to assess each complaint we may face with acumen, as nobody is without flaw, and we find it tremendously important to unbiasedly assess any wrongdoings on our part, to consider overlooking a faded, minor stain on a vintage garment (which is unacceptable, no matter how small or unnoticeable) or failing to inspect leather goods or home goods for the rare but not impossible defect. These instances are almost never unreported, given the talents of our incredible artists and craftspeople whom we have stocked for years now, but if one should arise we will do our best to fix that instance to the best of our ability by, just for one, refunding as well as resending another item without imperfections if we are able and have means to do so. As a small business, our absolutely terrific and loyal customers are to thank for keeping us motivated here at Schafmayer & Company, and we are extremely proud to say in all truth that we have yet to have an issue with our merchandise that hasn't been fixed swiftly with no more than a lil hiccup. So among this brief policy to follow, we will continue to expand on each of our individual product policies as well. Thank you for your time and business, we are so grateful.


Our Return Policy:

We will very gladly honor returns, no questions asked, with a full refund (excluding the amount of shipping) within 30 days of your order being received, meaning your tracking number provides us with the information that it had been delivered to the correct shipping address provided within a reasonable amount of time from the date of the shipping label being created, prompting an email to you the customer, to our P.O. scanning the parcel into circulation, which means the parcel is no longer in our control, to your order being delivered. However, if the address you have provided us with is incorrect, unverifiable, or you are perhaps in between moving, we take no responsibility for missing items under these conditions.

Our Refund Policy:

Our descriptions of the products we sell are as accurate as we can make them, as many of our collections are one-of-a-kind or vintage garments. As we are a brand stockist, and certainly (unfortunately, really) not a vintage shop nor are we savants to vintage clothing, we can only give our best description, photographs, and measurements of the garment we are selling. Often times a vintage item, for example, a deadstock unisex shirt from the 60s or 70s may have a label which reads XL, but in comparison with today's standards and different sizing methods, it is expected for that half-century-old XL shirt to fit like a modern L, perhaps even a larger-sized M. We've also come across tees with M on the label, however, would comfortably fit a person who wears a modern size L tee. This is why we often try to model our vintage garments on an average person to be able to give you the model's measurements for an accurate knowledge of how it may fit.

However, we do give a disclaimer in the description which warns our customers that the original tag on a vintage garment is not quite how the garment will fit. This we unfortunately will not honor a no-questions-asked refund for, but will gladly allow returns with a full refund. We thoroughly inspect each product we sell, and if there is a flaw we have missed, we will certainly refund you for that item, with our apologies and if given permission to reuse the address on file, a small package of goods from our shop for your trouble. If the flaw is mentioned in the description, and/or photographed clearly, we, unfortunately, cannot honor this refund.