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Hand Embroidered Chain Stitched Levi’s Trucker Jacket

Hand Embroidered Chain Stitched Levi’s Trucker Jacket

$ 185.00

Original design and hand stitched with no machines by Amanda Bret.

On a brand new with tags Levi’s Trucker jacket unisex size Small. Four front pockets and two inside front pockets. Jacket itself was $89.50.

Although our usual price for hand embroidered denim ranges from 150-350 depending on the size and detail of the design (for embroideries we charge 10 an hour which is less than minimum wage, and this specific embroidery took 18 hours condensed without breaks, etc) we have decided that because the jacket itself cost a lot, that it would be unfair to our customers to list this embroidered design which would usually run 200 dollars (without price of jacket/garment) because of the time put into it, that we will keep it affordable.

If you like this design and would want it hand embroidered on your own jacket, at a significantly lower price, please email us all inquiries at schafmayerandco@gmail.com. 

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